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Dedicated to all parents who have passed on

Parent Loss
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Parentless Children. No matter what your age when you lose a parent, it hurts. Our lives feel like they have shattered and we are often left feeling alone and afraid.

This community was created for all of us who have lost parents and need help coping. Any Age, Any Parent. A meeting place to help share the grief. To express yourself, your fears, your thoughts.

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Rules for Parent Loss

I hate setting guidelines for people, especially on a topic such as this, but some rules do need to be posted.

1. This Community is PG, so please refrain from cussing and please, no personal attacks.
2. If you disagree with someone’s views, please contact them outside of the community, I will not stand for fighting here.

There really aren’t any rules aside from those two listed. I’m sure that most members here will be considerate of others and will hold some semblance of maturity.


Please take a moment to introduce yourself, and answer this questionnaire (*Optional*)

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Your loss(es):
5. Age when you lost your parent(s):
6. Age of Parent(s):
7. Cause of Death(s):
8. What do you wish to accomplish with being a member of Parent_Loss?
9. Memorable Traits about your Parent(s) you would like to share?
10. Photo(s) of your parent(s):