sammysfreehugs (sammysfreehugs) wrote in parent_loss,

I Have Gained An Angel

I have recently set up a website called I Have Gained An Angel. This website is an online grief and support forum for people of all ages who have suffered loss in their life.

I, myself, have suffered the great loss of my mother last March, and found that speaking on support forums and to friends online was easier personally for myself to express my emotions. I am only twenty-one years old and wasn't ready for the massive responsibilities which were thrown upon me, and these friends helped me endlessly to cope with my loss.

This is what sparked my interest in starting my own support group. I Have Gained An Angel is a safe place for teenagers to the elderly, with easy to navigate discussion boards and a chance to help others at the same time as helping yourself. After all, who else knows how to help us better than one who has suffered the same loss?

At the moment we are a small group and are promoting around to collect more members and heighten the support network that the site provides. Our current members have had a great deal of input with the running and content of the site, something that we aim to continue so that it can continue to provide the best support for those who join.

If you would like to know more information about the site, please contact me on, or even visit the site for yourself at
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