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Why I hate April 5

8 years ago today, my stepdad died of colon cancer.
5 years ago today, my Mom died of what was probably a massive stroke, after 10 years of early-onset Alzheimer's disease.
I have been missing my parents a lot the past week, especially with Passover, I could remember all the seders that I had with them. We even used the Maxwell House Hagadah that I grew up with on the first night.

So to get through this day, I stayed up until 3 watching Netflix and then slept until 2. I plan to go get a pedicure once I get off the computer and get dressed, and then pick up Alex from school and take him to a park. I also need to read the memorial service for the last 2 days of Passover - one reads those when one has lost a parent, and I'm fresh out of those.
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