mammogram machine. (_allabouts) wrote in parent_loss,
mammogram machine.

1. Name: Chalon
2. Age: 25
3. Location:
4. Your loss(es): Dad
5. Age when you lost your parent(s): Just turned 23
6. Age of Parent(s): 57
7. Cause of Death(s): Leukemia & lymphoma, stem cell transplant gone horribly wrong
8. What do you wish to accomplish with being a member of Parent_Loss?: Not sure. Just want to connect with people who have gone through similar stuff. It's been over 2 years and I feel like a lot of people have forgotten. But I'm still sad.
9. Memorable Traits about your Parent(s) you would like to share?: My dad was hilarious. He'd make some inappropriate joke and my mom would get offended but I'd laugh my ass off. He was witty and quick. He made up songs for everything. He just had a way with words. And he was an excellent artist and musician. I'd post pictures of his drawings but I'm too lazy. One time I was in his office and I found a picture he'd drawn of drugs that came to life.. like, a joint and hypodermic needle with arms, legs, and silly faces. He was creative. He was industrious. He was a really good father.. always thinking of creative ways to entertain me and my friends. When I'd have a friend spend the night when I was little, he'd turn off the lights and put a flashlight in his beard, and tell scary forest stories with hand puppets.
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